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Webinar RecordingRecordkeeping Fee Compression: Causes and Consequences of Squeezing Fees

Each year, we review each clients' recordkeeper costs, benchmarking them against our peer ranges. In 2018, we continued to see prices decline and participants benefiting from the compression. While some of the compression can be attributed to recordkeeper consolidation and scale, why would billion-dollar financial services organizations continue to invest in recordkeeping capabilities where profits have traditionally been so thin? The answer is: they believe there is an opportunity to generate additional revenue beyond the recordkeeping fees for servicing retirement plans.

During this webinar, we discuss the five areas where we feel recordkeeping vendors have tried to monetize their relationship with retirement plans: Proprietary investment management, Managed accounts, IRA rollovers, Cross-selling retail financial products, and Annuitization.

Topics include:

  • History of fee compression and institutional pricing
  • Pressure on providers and provider choice
  • Retirement plan administration as a subscription model
  • Risks and strategies for employers in managing their retirement benefit plan providers
  • What's on the horizon from the recordkeeping industry


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