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Best Practices for Retirement Plan Fiduciaries to Mitigate the Risk of Litigation 

A Multnomah Group Webinar
April 4, 2017

While the Trump administration may promote less regulation, plaintiffs’ attorneys aren't slowing down their pursuit of retirement plan fiduciaries in class action lawsuits for the mismanagement of retirement plans. To the contrary, not only is Schlichter Bogard & Denton continuing to pursue class action litigation against retirement plan fiduciaries (and now casting a wider net to 403(b) plans as well), but other plaintiffs’ attorneys are following their lead and soliciting plaintiffs on their websites (for example, see the websites of the Levin Law Firm, the Attorney Group, and a collection of other plaintiffs firms).  

To learn best practices for mitigating your risk against litigation as a retirement plan fiduciary, view the Multnomah Group webinar highlighting best practices for: 

  • establishing and running a retirement plan committee;
  • selecting, monitoring and replacing investments;
  • selecting, monitoring and replacing vendors;
  • communication with participants in the retirement plan and ways to respond to participant inquiries about the retirement plan; and
  • proactive reporting to the Board of Directors and/or governing body that established the retirement plan committee.

Webinar Recording

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