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Multnomah Group is a 100% fee-for-service consulting firm. We serve our investment consulting clients as fiduciaries to their plan. Our focus within the retirement plan marketplace and our conflict-free structure, paired with our forward-thinking, comprehensive solutions, enable us to serve as a partner for clients. Plan sponsors are required to deal with complicated subject matter and we work to unravel that complex information and create clear pathways and smart strategies for their retirement plan program.

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Fee Compression:
Five Ways Providers
Monetize Recordkeeping

Generally, we believe there are five areas where recordkeeping vendors have tried to monetize their relationship with retirement plans: proprietary investment management, managed accounts, IRA rollovers, cross-selling retail financial products, and annuitization. In this paper, we take a closer look at each of these five approaches.

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Upcoming Webinar: Understanding Fiduciary Duty: Hiring a Service Provider

The DOL allows fiduciaries to hire service providers to handle fiduciary functions where the committee lacks expertise. Join us on 5/22 at 10 a.m. as we discuss a section of our Fiduciary Training Program focused on service providers and their fees.

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