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Understanding Fees Found in Retirement Plans


As a plan fiduciary, it’s your responsibility to know the fees associated with your retirement plan, especially when the plan participants are footing the bill. As expressed by the Department of Labor (DOL): “Among other duties, fiduciaries have a responsibility to ensure that the services provided to their plan are necessary and that the cost of those services is reasonable.”

We know fees charged in the retirement plan industry are confusing. How is your recordkeeper compensated? Where do the fees come from? Our webinar, “Understanding Fees Found in Retirement Plans”  delves into the abyss that is retirement plan fees and helps plan sponsors navigate their way to a better understanding of their plan’s fees.

Brian discusses:

  • Why Understanding Fees is Important
  • Fiduciary Obligations Regarding Fees
  • Detailed Review of Common Plan Fees
  • Five Actionable Steps to Consider Now

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