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Upcoming WebinarStudent Loan Debt + Financial Health + Savings Rates:  A Change in Design Focus

Throughout 2019 it's arguable to say that no retirement plan topics were discussed more than the inexorable link between financial health and savings rates.  As the country continues to move to a defined contribution model of retirement plan savings and planning, plan sponsors have been effective at using design tools to help participants begin the savings process. However, even automatic plan features have left many unwilling or unable to save into their retirement savings plans.

Employers are exploring innovative ways to integrate emergency savings and student loan debt repayment with their retirement benefit programs.  During this webinar on January 30 at 10:00 am Pacific, we will explore:

  • The link between financial security and retirement savings
  • Options for employers looking to actively support employees in reducing financial stress
  • How student loan debt impacts the decision candidates make about employment and employees make about saving and retention
  • What employers can do to leverage their tools and resources to improve employee financial health

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