Investment Consulting

Multnomah Group provides comprehensive investment advisory and consulting services to plan sponsors, acknowledging our fiduciary status for services we provide to our clients. Investment advisory and consulting services are based on fundamental research, evaluating the quantitative and qualitative factors that impact performance.  LEARN MORE


Vendor Search

Multnomah Group has developed an in-depth  vendor search process designed to match the specific needs of our clients with vendors in the marketplace. Vendors are evaluated on attributes such as experience and reputation, client service, technological support, education, enrollment, communications and responsiveness.  LEARN MORE

Fiduciary Governance

For plans subject to ERISA or similar state law, a strong fiduciary governance structure is the bedrock of a successful retirement plan program. A sound framework helps to limit fiduciary liability within the organization and empowers those delegated to proactively manage the plan to ensure its ongoing benefit to participants. LEARN MORE


Fee Benchmarking

Multnomah Group annually conducts a recordkeeping fee benchmarking study for all its clients. Each plan’s fees are compared to a range of fees that would be expected if the plan’s record keeping services’ contract went out to bid in the marketplace. Annual fee benchmarking helps plan sponsors ensure they are meeting their fiduciary duty.  LEARN MORE


Employee Engagement

In addition to servicing institutions, Multnomah Group actively engages with employees. This includes guidance for participation in their retirement plan, as well efforts to educate employees on the benefits of engaging early and ensuring employees who are behind in savings to “catch-up” by maximizing the benefits of their retirement plan.  LEARN MORE


Plan Design

The single greatest expense for the vast majority of plan sponsors is employer contributions. However, retirement plan vendors tend to focus primarily on investment performance and administration costs. Plan design is the only element of a retirement plan that ensures the plan sponsor’s compensation initiatives will be met.  LEARN MORE