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Webinar recording It’s Almost Spring: Time to Get into the Weeds of DC Plan Operations

Are you comfortable getting into the weeds as it relates to the day-to-day operations of your defined contribution retirement plan?  If not, then this is the webinar recording for you!  During this session, Bonnie Treichel, chair of Multnomah Group's Technical Services Committee, digs deep on issues related to:

  • day-to-day requirements for running the plan;
  • required governmental filings;
  • the annual audit requirement;
  • ways to monitor the fulfillment of each of these obligations; and
  • what can go wrong when these fiduciary obligations are not met.


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Multnomah Group provides fee-only retirement plan and investment consulting services to for-profit and tax-exempt employers in the United States. Our firm’s core competencies include investment consulting, vendor and plan management, and fiduciary governance.