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Protecting Participant Data:
How to Monitor and Mitigate Recordkeeper Conflicts of Interest

A plan sponsor Guide

Protecting participant data cover-1Some of the fee compression among 401(k) and 403(b) recordkeepers can be attributed to vendor consolidation and scale, but why would billion-dollar financial services organizations continue to invest in recordkeeping capabilities where profits have traditionally been so thin?

The answer is: they believe there is an opportunity to generate additional revenue beyond the recordkeeping fees for servicing retirement plans.

We believe there are six areas where recordkeeping vendors have tried to monetize their relationship with retirement plans. This plan sponsor guide focuses on the fourth way of generating excess revenue –cross-selling retail financial products.

For plan sponsors, it is important to understand how recordkeepers cross-sell retail financial products and what the plan sponsor’s obligation is to reduce or eliminate such cross-selling.

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