A River Runs Through It

What’s a Multnomah? From our customers, partners, prospects and colleagues who reside outside the Pacific Northwest, this is often the first question we hear. Historically Multnomah was the namesake of Native American (Chinook) tribes who staked their claim and sustained their people along the northern shores of Oregon’s Willamette River and the intersecting Columbia River. More specifically, the Native American term “Multnomah” translates to “downriver.”

And it was with this notion of “downriver” that our Company sealed its affinity for, and identity with, the word Multnomah. After all, the cornerstone of our consulting services is to ensure the retirement planning we do today is uniquely suited to provide prosperity when clients and their employees finally arrive downriver.

As history has shown us, it is on the banks of so many rivers that small towns and big cities were born, trusting these waterways to provide the people’s bounty and ensure prosperity for generations to come. Like a river that is always evolving, bending and moving forward, Multnomah Group embraces these characteristics in our studied approach to Institutional Retirement Planning.

“Plan forward,” we like to say. It’s this type of fluid thinking that allows us to keep our focus and target our expertise on creating highly customized plans that move forward in directions as unique as the needs of our clients. Our pool of talent is wide enough, and our knowledge runs deep enough, to advance and fulfill the full spectrum of our clients’ consulting needs.