Is My Plan Working? Easy Ways to Evaluate Plan Success

    A Multnomah Group Webinar

    When: Tuesday, September 26 at 11 a.m. PST

    As a plan sponsor, evaluating the health of your defined contribution plan is top of mind. Despite improvements on the service provider side to supply more sophisticated tools to assist in quantifying your Plan’s health, you may still feel at a loss as to how you can articulate the objectives of your retirement plan as well as how to measure the successes achieved and the opportunities for improvement.

    During our webinar, "Is My Plan Working? Easy Ways to Evaluate Plan Success" on Tuesday, September 26 at 11 a.m. PST, we will share straightforward ways to evaluate indicators of plan health. We will discuss how plan fiduciaries should approach retirement plan goal setting, and how you can move your retirement plan committee from a reactive committee to a group whose decisions are outlined by goals and measured for accountability. 

    Over the course of the hour, we will discuss:

    • What should the Plan’s target savings rate be?
    • How does plan design impact plan effectiveness?
    • What is the "right" asset allocation?
    • How do you improve results in a plan that also allows participant choice?

    This webinar will conclude with a brief question and answer session.

    About the Presenter

    Erik_Daley_Presenter.pngErik Daley, CFA, is the managing principal for Multnomah Group. He is a member of Multnomah Group’s Investment Committee and leads the firm’s tax-exempt practice, focusing on higher education and healthcare organizations. Erik consults regularly with clients on a variety of retirement plan related topics to help manage their fiduciary risks. 


    About Multnomah Group
    Multnomah Group provides fee-only retirement plan and investment consulting services to for-profit and tax exempt employers in the United States. Our firm's core competencies include investment consulting, vendor search, fiduciary governance, employee engagement, plan design, and fee benchmarking.

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