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Why Your Retirement Plan Doesn't Work

A Multnomah Group Webinar
July 25, 2018

Participant-directed defined contribution plans are simultaneously referred to as the greatest wealth-generating device available under the U.S. Tax Code, and the least effective retirement income vehicle developed. Which is true? Maybe both. Well-designed and well-managed defined contribution plans provide the opportunity for extraordinary savings success; however, we limit how effective these plans can be for participants if we don't create adequate guardrails to ensure that the least sophisticated participants are still provided for.

Our webinar “Why Your Plan Doesn’t Work” explores the reasons participant-directed defined contribution retirement plans fail and how to fix them.

We cover behavioral finance biases that impact:

  • Contribution levels
  • Investment returns
  • Utilization of lifetime income
  • When participants retire

In addition, we review common sense fixes to behavioral finance problems.

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